Aibot: Unleashing AI's Artistic Revolution

The Aibot collection is an incredible demonstration of the potential of Artificial Intelligence. By using AI the Dutch artist MechAndCheese generated 1000 unique Aibots in 12 species with different styles all in a remarkably short span of time. Aibot aims to inspire people and showcase the strength of AI, and how individuals can utilize it to harness the power of a collective force.


Step into the year 2045, where people, robots, and Artificial Intelligence work hand-in-hand. Together, they've created the perfect AI assistant named Aibot, designed entirely by AI itself, capable of fulfilling every human need. Struggling with finances or health? Choose Aibot-Gold or Aibot-Heal. Need a reliable guardian for your home and loved ones? Opt for Aibot-Guard. The missing piece to your perfect life? Look no further than Aibot - your ultimate choice.


12 species

Friend: Cat

Aibot Friend (Cat species) is designed to be a companion and stands out for having exceptional conversational skills. Its humor and philosophical intelligence make it an entertaining friend and engaging sparring partner. Click image to view NFT.

Guard: Dark Knight

Aibot Guard (Dark Knight species) is designed to be a personal bodyguard and excels in defense skills compared to other Aibots. With a Dark Knight by your side, you can rest assured that no harm will come to you or your loved ones. This Aibot is the ideal choice for anyone concerned about personal safety and security. Click image to view NFT.

Guard: Grey Knight

Aibot Guard (Grey Knight species) is designed to protect property and boasts exceptional surveillance tools compared to other Aibots. Equipped with a taser and a strong Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), this Aibot is capable of disabling any person or machine attempting to damage or steal your property. Click image to view NFT.

Gold: Gold Knight

Aibot Gold (Gold Knight species) is designed to be a financial provider and outshines other Aibots with its superior market predicting models. This Aibot is instrumental in helping you reach your financial goals and can provide a steady source of income.  Click image to view NFT.

Spy: Tamago

Aibot Spy (Tamago species) is designed to gather unknown information and outperforms other Aibots with its exceptional optical instruments. Equipped with a powerful Data Lens, this Aibot can observe and analyze microscopic details in faraway galaxies to unveil the secrets of the universe. Click image to view NFT.

Friend: Humano

Aibot Friend (Humano species) is designed to be human-like and excels in social influence compared to other Aibots. With this Aibot by your side, you can expand your network of friends rapidly and forge strong and enduring relationships with biological humans, robots and AI. Click image to view NFT.

Heal: Percuro

Aibot Heal (Percuro species) is designed for the purpose of health. It surpasses other Aibots with its advanced HealStaff and exceptional healing skills. This Aibot can effectively treat a wide range of diseases in humans, animals, and plants, and has the potential to significantly increase life expectancy. Click image to view NFT.

Green: Mundo

Aibot Green (Mundo species) is designed to purify and stands out from other Aibots with its superior tools for cleaning, preserving, and protecting the environment. Equipped with a powerful Chem Processor, this Aibot can effectively purify even the most toxic substances and transform the worst dump into a lush paradise. Click image to view NFT.

Mutant: Chimero

Aibot Mutant (Chimero species) is designed to be a versatile all-rounder and excels over other Aibots with its unmatched combination options to meet all your needs at once. With this Aibot, you no longer need to purchase multiple different Aibots. Click image to view NFT.

Build: Blu

Aibot Build (Blu species) is the ultimate creator. Compared to other Aibots, it has unrivaled power and creativity. Equipped with a nuclear generator, it has an unlimited source of energy to power its 4D printer, which can design and build any object or structure imaginable with astonishing speed and precision. The possibilities are endless with Aibot Build. Click image to view NFT.

Giant: Monstro

Aibot Giant (Monstro species) is designed to be the ultimate vehicle and outperforms other Aibots as the best transporter. Thanks to its large size, it can accommodate up to 10 adult passengers. Equipped with advanced anti-gravity systems and sturdy shields, this vehicle can travel almost anywhere, except in areas with extreme heat. Whether it's exploring the depths of the ocean or traversing the vast expanse of space, Aibot Giant is the perfect vehicle for any adventure. Click image to view NFT.

Fun: Screen

Aibot Fun (Screen species) is designed for entertainment purposes. Among other Aibots, it has the most reliable and high-speed internet connection. With access to all major global networks of interactive television, social media, music, books, films, education and games, this Aibot provides limitless learning and amusement. Every experience is completely personalized and immersive with the latest H-VR technology (hyperreal virtual reality). Click image to view NFT.

Aibot Omnibus

The Complete High-Resolution Collection

Aibot Omnibus is a massive digital artwork that contains the entire collection in one image. This 256-megapixel creation features all 1000 individually generated Aibots, each arranged by hand in a spiral pattern, with the Aibot logo taking center stage, signifying unity and cohesion. Only 10 limited edition copies will be ever available. (Click image to view NFT)

My Story

From Zero to Aibot: My Journey into the World of AI-Generated NFT Art

In February 2023, my life took a fascinating turn when I stumbled upon a YouTube video showcasing AI art generators. Intrigued, I delved into the world of AI-generated art and found myself captivated by the endless possibilities. This is the story of how I went from knowing nothing about creating AI art to single-handedly completing a 1000-image NFT collection in just a few short weeks, all thanks to the power of AI.

My journey began on the 5th of February when I created my first AI-generated artwork using the Stable Diffusion model on the NightCafé Studio website. With an initial investment of $300, I experimented with various prompts and parameters over the next ten days, eager to see what I could create.

On the 15th of February, I decided to create a cute robot reminiscent of a retro video game character. I generated four images at a time, iterating on the best-looking one until I had a cool, 3D-looking robot. It came out different from my original idea, but turned out to be much better. This marked the beginning of my Aibot collection.

The birth of Aibot

I then started to explore different design paths and create variations of the same "species" of robot. The possibilities seemed endless, which inspired me to embark on an ambitious project: creating 1000 unique Aibots. I spent the next few days generating numerous robots, occasionally creating other unrelated images as well.

However, I quickly ran out of resources and opted to save up free credits to continue my project without further investment. As the days went by, the concept of Aibot grew, and I started to share my creations on Instagram. This not only helped promote my work but also earned me more NightCafé credits to create additional Aibots.

By the end of the month, I had generated well over 1000 Aibots, but many were unusable due to disfigurement or deformation. Thankfully, I was able to salvage some of these images through Photoshop editing. Initial images are low-res so I scaled up the images so that future NFT buyers would have access to high-resolution files suitable for printing.

The final stages of Aibot production were slow, allowing me to refine my concept story and attend to numerous details. I documented my ideas in Excel spreadsheets and came up with descriptions and attributes for the Aibots. In an exciting twist, I used Chat GPT to improve and perfect these ideas, making the Aibot project a complete collaboration between human and AI-generated content.

With the creation and editing of all images complete, I began the arduous task of uploading them to OpenSea. Unaware of bulk uploading services via smart contracts, I manually uploaded each Aibot, using free software to automate some repetitive tasks, such as copying attributes from Excel to OpenSea.

Now, with the entire Aibot collection uploaded and perfected, I have listed my creations for sale. What started as a simple hobby has transformed into a full-fledged project, and any sales will serve as an added reward for the joy and learning I experienced throughout the process.

Labeled Diagram

Aibot #435 labeled diagram.
These labels work for most Aibots with some exceptions.

Aibot floor price: 0.00275 ETH (± $5)